Music and Culture – The case of George Lloyd

25 June 2018 Bill Lloyd 0

This article is a response to Professor John Kersey’s observations on the effect of Universities and modernist academics on Western art music.  Link here:   Kersey’s text provides several missing pieces to a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle concerns an explanation […]

Jordan Peterson – arguments and motivation

25 June 2018 Bill Lloyd 0

Professor Jordan Peterson – a summary of his arguments and a personal view of what motivates this polarising force.    (Warning: 5000 words! )   Introduction: I make no claim to originality in this article. It has been condensed from, […]

Walter Lloyd – Funeral Photographs

31 January 2018 Bill Lloyd 1

Photographer Amy Bateman was asked by the family to make a record of Walter LLoyd’s funeral, and these are some of her pictures.  Please browse the gallery. The gallery may take a minute to load, as there are 111 images. […]

Bill Lloyd – New Album now in stock!

31 January 2018 Bill Lloyd 0

New album is now in stock. £8.50, post free. Please click here:  CD Shop  or menu above to order. (Paypal, BACS) This is a studio album, made in response to some of the crazy things going on across the Atlantic. It […]