Bill Lloyd – Video links

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Northern Rail:

Heavy Duty Preview:  Privateer:

Heavy Duty Preview:  Revolution:

Heavy Duty Preview: Bluegrass Instrumental
(Video Soundtrack. 2′ 22″, no vocals. )

The White Hare:   (Audio only)

Gallo Del Cielo

Red Clay Halo:

Banjo solos: (video soundtrack 12 minutes)

Whistle Solo: Were you at the rock?

Whistle Solo: Anachuin (video soundtrack)

Galician Gaita Bagpipes: Breton Ando

Galician Gaita Bagpipes: Breton Hanter Dro

with The Cumbria Gaita Band
(Traditional Galician tunes on traditional Galician instruments.) 

Alborada Alterga de Ourense

Mazurca dos Areeiras

Muineira de Froxan

A Carrasqueira

The Cumbria Gaita Band: with guest tractor percussion. 

The Cumbria Gaita Band: Pasodoble at Damson Day.

Links to my tracks on the Mike Harding Show:

(unfortunately some of the website links take you to the OTHER Bill Lloyd – the famous one. Not me.  Boo!)

Podcast #40

Podcast #139

Podcast #84

NewReleases: Podcast #254:  Feb 2018