Wildwood – Catalogue

Music from the Heart…..

Folk, Roots and acoustic.

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The Wildwood Acoustic  record label was established in 1998 as a co-operative venture with the participating musicians.  The label provided studio and recording services, catalogue numbers, barcodes, ISRC subcodes, design and manufacturing services, stock control and small scale independent distribution. The musicians retained ownership and control of the master-tapes, and the Wildwood label issued the recordings under licence.

That business was based on manufacture and sale of hard CDs, but the arrival of downloads and online streaming services has made that business model obsolete. The CD format is still popular at concerts and as a musical calling card, but most titles have now sold out and will not be repressed. Some may be available online, by searching the artists concerned, and we have a few remaining for sale at ‘sale’ prices.  Please see Shop for details of available CDs.

The Wildwood Recording Studio has been in regular use for commercial recordings.The Heydown Treaders, The Slow Show, Callum Armstrong, The Jaggy Jaikets, and The Lakeland Fiddlers. )

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