Shap Fell Bothy comprises the following accommodation:

  • Front Hallway with wash room to the left and kitchen area to the right.
  • Main Room with 12v lighting, 240v power points, USB points, wood burner, gas heaters, tables and seating.
  • Rear hallway with 240v lighting, coat hooks, waste bin and staircase.
  • First-Floor Bedroom with 240v and 12v lighting, 4 single futon mattresses, two Velux windows, gas heater, table, cushions.
  • Outside is a small tarmac yard to the front,  with service vehicle parking, fire-pit and water-butt.
  • Portaloo chemical toilet is located in the side-yard.
  • A fence separates the Bothy from the adjoining moorland. A snicket gate opens onto the common at the rear.
  • Gateway onto the main A6, which is now a quiet road since the M6 motorway was opened, but there are some heavy lorries, and some traffic noise, mostly in the mornings. Nights are very quiet indeed.
  • 2 x very large laybys within 70 yards.
  • Footpaths and bridleways within 200 yards

Please note:  Shap Fell Bothy is off-grid. Power is provided by solar panels and a wind turbine.  These are sufficient for lighting and small devices, but heaters, irons, microwaves, laser printers and hair-dryers may not be used. 

The nearest house is a mile away, so you can make as much noise as you like. (oh yes…)

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