Through a glass darkly…Vitrified Forts

27 April 2022 Bill Lloyd 0

A new and original angle on one of the great unsolved mysteries of archaeology: the Vitrified Forts of Scotland. The mystery of the vitrified forts has challenged, and defeated, generations of archaeologists and historians.  Despite the sheer volume of theories […]

St Brigid's Well, Co Clare

Ireland – April 2022 – Holy Wells

24 March 2022 Bill Lloyd 0

A short tour of County Meath and County Clare, playing music whenever we can and assisting with making a short film about Holy Wells and the (almost) lost custom of Keening. We might encounter the people of the Sidhe, and […]

Extracting windblown timber with a horse at Thornthwaite

One Horsepower… Windblow !

31 January 2022 Bill Lloyd 0

(Extract) I learned about heavy horses working a harvest season with Geoffrey Morton in East Yorkshire, then learned about timber snigging with Joss Rawlings in Greystoke Forest. We were paid by the ton, piecework, but windblown timber needed special care. […]

Bio-Diversity Net Gain and Fell ponies

26 January 2022 Bill Lloyd 0

The Fell pony has helped to create the unique habitat and unique culture which has been deemed worthy of World Heritage Site status, and they deserve special recognition and special treatment, rather than exclusion and persecution.

Stopping Places:

17 November 2021 Bill Lloyd 0

Rossendale to Appleby Fair, by road, in 1978 Note: this was written in 1978, and quite a bit has changed since then, with road-widening and development, but most of the stopping places are still there. A lot more areas fenced […]

Gypsies and Travellers: Who are they?

12 October 2021 Bill Lloyd 2

How are they defined? And why do we need to know? Text: Bill Lloyd.   Pictures: Brian Morgan Click here to download PDF document. There are so many twists and turns in the road which leads to a working definition of […]


One Horsepower: A long slow walk in the greenwood.

7 December 2020 Bill Lloyd 0

A beginner’s guide to logging with horses. Part technical manual, part environmentalist manifesto, part spiritual quest, this book traces Bill Lloyd’s path from the insulated comforts of a salaried position as an arts administrator into the world of forestry contracting […]