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This is a studio album, made in response to some of the crazy things going on across the Atlantic.
It took a long time to make, because I had to fit in the studio time among everything else that was happening, including some illness which has kept me off the road since last June.

These are heavy duty ballads, often in minor keys, telling of war, grief, slavery, piracy, rape, murder, addiction, poverty, prison, execution, regret, resistance, and revolution, representing the dark side of the American Dream. Some are colourful, some are not.  Some are hopeful, some offer little hope, some offer no hope at all.

In hard times, most people want up-tempo, optimistic, good time music, and there are fewer opportunities to sing the tough, dark songs, so I have put some of them together on one album, as a gesture of resistance in fearful times, and as a reminder of the liberal, progressive tolerant ideals which once made America great.  These may be songs of pity and terror, but they are intended as redemption songs – songs of hope. Hope dies last.

Vocals, banjos, fiddles, guitar, bass, pipes, harmonica, percussion.

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